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Brasseler USA

EndoSequence Root Repair Material Retrograde BC Tips (15 Pack)

Length (mm): 12
Tip Size (1/100mm): 25 gauge


Brasseler USA

EndoSequence Minimum Waste BC Tips (15 Pack)

Length (mm): 22
Tip Size (1/100mm): 25 gauge

Ultradent Products

NaviTip® Tips

NaviTip delivery tips are available in four lengths and two gauges to easily deliver endodontic sealers, irrigants, and other medicaments of varying viscosities just short of the apex. Multiple sizes available.

Ultradent Products

NaviTip® 31ga with Double Sideport Irrigator Tip

Side-vented Irrigation Cannula – Double sideports deliver irrigants safely, minimizing the possibility of chemicals being expressed past the apex. The world’s smallest cannula navigates the most intricate canal spaces.

Ultradent Products

NaviTip® FX® Tips

Irrigation Cannula with Flocked End – The NaviTip FX with flocked cannula, cleans, scrubs, and irrigates simultaneously.

Ultradent Products

Capillary Tips

For Irrigation and Suction: Bendable, Polypropylene material, Tapered

Ultradent Products

Luer Vacuum Adapter

Tip Adapter for Suction Device. A great time-saver for any practice. Dries canals quickly and efficiently. Minimizes paper point use.

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